Thank you for taking an interest in working at Jet Black Hair & Studio.  We’ve been open for business since October 2013 at 386 MacLaren Street in the Centertown borough of Ottawa.  We’re always on the look out for young emerging talent, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between.  Here’s what we have to offer, if you like what you see click the apply button and lets get to know each other.

Working at Jet Black

  • A relaxed salon environment with a consistent and loyal clientele
  • Education (we are firm believers in always staying educated)
    • We helped our stylists attend Sasson courses in New York, London UK, Toronto, styling classes in L.A. and New York and more.
  • Benefits
    • Health (massage, physio etc etc)
    • Dental 
    • Pure Yoga membership 
  • Pay
    • Commission based with a base living wage if commission requires a top up.
  • Salon Structure:
    • We do time-based pricing rather than a-la carte services
    • We don’t overlap appointments, and instead charge appropriately for our time so that you can focus on one client at a time while earning a proper living.
    • We work with you to set the days and hours you want to work, and figure out how much your time is worth.
    • We use an online scheduling tool, but require all appointments to be booked through the front desk, allowing you to maintain control over your schedule by scheduling your clients next appointments with them, while still allowing you to view your schedule from your phone / at home etc.